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The Daniel Lee Yan Kong directed WHITE VENGEANCE (HUNG MOON YIN) had Leon Lai Ming, Zhang Hanyu, Liu Yifei, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Jordan Chan Siu Chun and others in its cast.  Lee Yan Kong said that WHITE VENGEANCE was a life and death psychological battle, thus a lot of effort went into the script creation.  Even actor personalities went into character designs.  "Liu Bang originally was somewhat indecisive and honorable, but with an one-sided war, in order to become the Emperor he had to be very devious.  He became introverted and not easily show his hand.  I chose Lai Ming because he was low key and had the aura of a king.  He could be good or evil, in command of complex humanity changes.
Thus the result was great."

Lai Ming after the shoot said that he understood the king of a generation's personality.  Because Liu Bang went to a civilian to an Emperor, in the process of which many brothers made sacrifices.  Later he had to end such friendships, which was very difficult.  He had to play the pledge of allegiance and the reluctant helplessness.  Before hand he put a lot of work into studying the role.  Other actors like Zhang Hanyu, Wong Chau Sun were all Best Actors.  As Consort Yu Liu Yifei said that "Acting in front of a group of Best Actors was very stressful.  Because every character is a great historical figure, every moment I feel like I am on the edge."

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