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Michael Tse Tin Wa and Francis Ng Chun Yu yesterday worked on TURNING POINT 2 (LAUGHING GOR ji CHIM JUI FAN).  In his prison uniform Tse Tin Wa opened fire in the stairway.  Wai Ying Hung and a group of actors worked on a struggle scene.  The film's actors Ng Chun Yu, Tse Tin Wa, Wai Ying Hung, Liu Kai Chi, Lau Siu Ming and director Herman Yau To Lai shot at a factory.  The always direct Chun Yu took the chance to poke fun at Tse Tin Wa and revealed that he was asked to present the award to Tin Wa on December 5.  Chun Yu said, "There really is an inside story and a fix, he asked me to present the award to him!"  Tin Wa looked helpless as Chun Yu said to him, "The entire world knows you will win!"

Chun Yu stated that this film will wrap in a few days.  Reportedly TVB asked Chun Yu to sign a long contract and could not come to an understanding to make TRIUMPH IN THE SKY 2 (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU II).  Chun Yu said, "I never said I won't make it.  My manager is currently negotiating the price with TVB.  Let's wait until after TVB celebrates its birthday!"  Speaking of him acting up and might not take the role, Chun Yu was puzzled and urged the media to ask the person who wrote it.  Speaking of TVB's long hours, it was no different from his past Mainland television productions.  Chun Yu said that a series production taking a long time was expected and thought the standard would be hard to change.  He said, "I want to finish TURNING POINT 2 to keep it from dragging on."  He said that his wife saw Fat Gor (Chow Yun Fat) on the street.  Many asked Fat Gor for pictures and he would do so without fail.  Thus an actor deeply understood a series required both studio and location shoots.  Chun Yu said, "I was trained with the standard!  However even I do I would only make one or two series!"

As for long term contract, Chun Yu stressed that he left everything for his manager to discuss.  He said, "Series production has always been tough, TVB wouldn't release artists.  Film productions feel more complete and comfortable.  Situation series would be better, and I have made many."  Chun Yu pointed out that even if he would make TRIUMPH IN THE SKY II it will be next year.  If confirmed he will work with TVB Best Actress favorite Myolie Wu Hung Yi.  He explained that it still will depend on TVB's arrangement.  Chun Yu said, "Who knows how the world will turn out then, maybe I don't know who will work with her!"

After Chun Yu's revelation, Tin Wa came prepared.  He said that because Leung Ka Shu's daughter (Tobey Leung Ching Kei) was getting married he knew Chun Yu would stay in Hong Kong.  Thus he asked whether he could attend the ceremony.  He said, "Chun Yu won't necessarily present the award to me."  Would he like to win TVB Best Actor with Chun Yu as the presenter?  Tin Wa said, "Who knows what award he will present then, the Best Actress award probably won't go to me!"  Tin Wa said that his wife would be responsible for what he wore to the awards.  He would focus on making the movie.  He will not be able to attend the TVB anniversary show until after work.  Chun Yu did not hold back with Tin Wa.  "I received the notice, the whole world knows you will win.  Even the guests are fixed!"

Yesterday Wai Ying Hung had coconut tarts on the set.  She revealed that she had low blood sugar and lack of strength in her arms and legs.  Thus she had to constantly have sweets.  The director heard that there were cakes and desserts and he immediately grabbed some.  Siu Hung also said that lately she has been busy with guest starring roles in movies.  Later she will attend the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards on the 6th.
She said, "I will leave on the 25th.  That day I will attend several dinners with Taiwan friends."

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