Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Alec Su, Liu Yifei, director Zhao Linshan, Chow Yun Fat, Hiroshi Tamaki
courtesy of takungpao.com

The giant costume film BRONZE SPARROW TERRACE yesterday held a press conference in Beijing.  Stars Chow Yun Fat, Hiroshi Tamaki, Alec Su (So Yau Peung), Liu Yifei and others appearance.  Chow Yun Fat's trademark smile remained unchanged.  He even lent a hand to Liu Yifei on and off stage in a gentlemanly display.

In the film Chow Yun Fat played Cao Cao.  He said that he chose BRONZE SPARROW TERRACE because the story was story.  Fat Gor who did not consider the salary joked that his salary was low.  "I only have enough for two meals a day."  Playing the Emperor Xian of Han, So Yau Peng "lamented" about having more officials than concubines in the film.  In addition, Japanese star Hiroshi Tamaki played Mu Shun, Yao Lu played the Imperial doctor, Ni Dahong played Fu Wan.

Director Zhao Linshan said, "Although this film has not restructured history, it has had a new understanding of the character of Cao Cao."  In his heart, Cao Cao is a character who has a passion for the battlefield but also an elegance of romance.

So Yau Peng played Emperor Xian of Han, a character that had just as much tragic color.  So Yau Peng said, Emperor Xian of Han might have been an emperor under Cao Cao's control, but as the royal Eastern Han's descendant he was unwilling to see his kingdom fall under his watch.  Reportedly, early in the preparation stage So Yau Peng often blew up the director's phone.  As soon as they started chatting it would take several hours, the content of which was all about the Emperor Xian of Han's character.  So Yau Peng joked, "After playing this character, I can be enthroned myself."

Hiroshi Tamaki played Mu Shun and at the same time was the actor with the least time to sleep on the team.  Not fluent in Putonghua he received a team assigned interpreter to personally teach him his lines.  In order to bring live to the character, he worked extra hard.  Hiroshi Tamaki everyday only slept for a few hours and repeatedly digested and understood the script that was translated in Japanese, which also became a daily routine for Hiroshi Tamaki.  The most pleasing part is Hiroshi Tamaki so far still has not made any mistake.  At the press conference, So Yau Peng with his Japanese background offered to be the temporary translator and even joked with the host.

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