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Dante Lam Chiu Yin yesterday led Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun), Lin Peng and Bai Bing to attend THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN)'s ultimate trailer release in Beijing.  THE VIRAL FACTOR's official Mainland site was already launched.  Although the trailer was only two minutes long, it shook the venue floor.  Chairman Chou praised the trailer as very "amazing" and left everyone breathless.  At the press conference the director and the three actors kept talking about the pain of the joy of the production.  Chairman Chou admitted that Director Lam has already forced him toward madness.  He never expected that the film needed three months to shoot, which made me want to go home everyday.  Lin Peng and Bai Bing joked that good food was wherever Chairman Chou was.  Bai Bing said that while working in Jordan, Chairman Chou constantly found some unexpected restaurants.  Lin Peng pointed out that Chairman Chou in
Malaysia took everything to have Bak Kut Teh.  The director immediately complained to Chairman Chou, "Why during the shoot you didn't take me once to try authentic local food!  If we have a chance to work together again, I definitely will make your production even tougher."

Lin Peng also revealed that Chairman Chou had the nickname of "Little Pale" on the set.  Although this time Chairman Chou looked very different from what everyone was used to, his skin was tan.  She realized that Chairman Chou had some very pale places so everyone called him "Little Pale".  Chairman Chou admitted that this time his VIRAL FACTOR costume was the most "manly" in his film career.  Lin Peng also cut her hair short for this film.  Chairman Chou joked that next time she might as well shave her head.  As for Chairman Chou's rating of Lin Peng's look, Lin Peng immediately said, "He doesn't like short haired girls!"  Chairman Chou awkwardly said, "Right!  I like long haired ones."

Speaking of shooting in Jordan and Kuala Lumpur, Chairman Chou admitted that Jordan to him was like "hell".  He pointed out that he was someone who did not like restrictions, but life in Jordan was too regulated and was very different from her personality.  Thus everyday after work, he would work out with Andy On Chi Kit.  While in Jordan, his "heaven" was a Chinese restaurant, as soon as he left he seemed to have returned to "hell".

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