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Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Johnnie To Kei Fung yesterday attended the Fresh Wave 2011 International Short Film Festival press conference.  Just returning from a trip with Andy Hui On Chi to Hong Kong, Sammi still has not caught her breath.  Yesterday she looked tired.  Sammi revealed that recently she and Andy Lau Tak Wa have been working on To Sir's new film.  Speaking of Wa Jai's longing to be a father, Sammi pointed out that she did not have much desire to be a mother.  However if she became one she would accept it.  Of course she also would try to be careful.

Sammi after returning from her trip with On Jai immediately returned to work.  Recently she had to work on a movie and perform a concert tour.  Yesterday she still came to give the film industry event.  Has she used her phone to make videos?  She said that she mostly shot her cat and sometimes at family gatherings.  Would she consider directing her own music video?  Sammi said that she did a long time ago but it was truly too rotten.  Sometimes just trying her ability was enough.  She did not have much talent and was better off sticking to acting, singing and writing.  Would she shoot On Jai?  She immediately said, "No!"

Sammi revealed that recently she has been working on the To Sir directed new film, working with Andy Lau Tak Wa again.  She said that working with Goo Jai and Wa Jai have been very pleasant because she was very familiar with them.  Did she feel Wa Jai was different after marriage?  She said, "He has always been great, very professional.  I am even attracted to his body and perseverance."  She pointed out that Wa Jai was older than her but still was so well kept, which truly was amazing.  She felt that Wa Jai now was very happy and carefree.  Did she feel Wa Jai only lacked children?  She said that she did not know but still would wish him well.  She believed that whatever life God gave he would be at peace with what he had.

Did Sammi want a baby?  She admitted that her desire was not great, but occasionally she would occasionally think about it because her mother would ask her whether she would.  Did On Jai want one?  She said, "How do I know?  Don't ask that, it's so personal it's private room stuff.  Let me take care of it.  Ultimately I don't really want to unless I suddenly have one, then I would accept it.  However I would try not to let it happen suddenly."

Goo Jai revealed that he recently worked on the Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2012 (BAK SING PO HEI).  In the film he played a construction worker who later competed in the Mr. Hong Kong contest, thus he will have to wear swimwear.  Goo Jai said that now everyday before work he would spend two hours on exercises to pump up his muscles, he mainly worked on his arms.  He said that he studied the Mr. Hong Kong contest videos.  At first the production was somewhat awkward but later he got used to it.  Did he know how to flex his chest?  He said, "No!"

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