Wednesday, November 9, 2011


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William Chan Wai Ting yesterday attended an event with model Ana R. and others.  He revealed that he will work on a mob film and play a story about an university student who becomes a mob boss.  The director and the screen writer have already arranged for several dinners with him and a real retired mob boss for an understanding of the history then.  Thus he was somewhat unsettled and very nervous.  Would he have his assistant by his side?  William said, "Mine is a female assistant, she said that she didn't dare to go.  Such dinners between men aren't right for a woman to be at."  Would he have to use foul language?  William said, "Everyone feel that it would, but maybe in reality they spoke very politely.  (Would you have tattoos all over?)  I probably won't be able to escape the designs of dragons, tigers and leopards."

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