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[2011.11.29] FANS KEEP WU CHUN FED

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Wu Chun, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Karena Ng Chin Yu, Anjaylia Chan Ka Bo, Raymond Wong Pak Ming and others two nights ago attended a charity premiere of MAGIC TO WIN (HOI SUM MOR FAT) in Wan Chai.  They performed a magic show and received thunderous applause.

Goo Jai revealed that he was drunk in 90% of the film.  Did he truly drink?  He joked, "Of course it was tea, but I really had to drink for a (Johnnie) To Kei Fung movie.  At the time I had to finish an entire bottle of beer in one breath, after the shoot I was a little dizzy.  Luckily after that we were done."  Goo Jai said that he would decide how much to drink depending on his condition.  On an empty stomach he would be worse, but he would drink responsibly.  Speaking of Christmas, lately he has been flying around so much that he almost had no idea who he was or where he was.

Wu Chun in the film was invisible for awhile.  Did anyone crack up?  He said that a lot of comedy ensued.  Did he take the chance to study martial art with Wu Jing?  Wu Chun said, "No, but I has asked him to teach me.  I am very interested in martial arts."  Wu Chun had the most fans on hand, but his co-star Chan Ka Bo did not fall under his spell.  Instead she praised how seeing him meant free food.  Wu Chun joked, "Right!  I thank my fans for always buying food for me.  They would buy everyone's share as well.  Although it wasn't an everyday occurrence, there was a lot of food.  (You got them everywhere you went in the world?)  In Japan they did.  So I truly can't possibly starve to death."

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