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Eason Chan Yik Shun earlier worked with new director Chris Chow on the HK$10 million thriller STRAWBERRY CLIFF.  In the film he not only was the lead actor but also the only Chinese actor in the cast.  He performed in English in the film.  Director Chris Chow hoped to break into the Hollywood market with STRAWBERRY.  Why did he choose Chan Yik Shun for his lead?  He admitted that it was because Eason was not handsome enough.  If he was too handsome like Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), it would exceed reality.  Chris Chow also said that one of the reasons that he cast Eason was because he spoke fluent English.

Was Eason's English great?  Eason admitted that this time the English lines were very challenging because every line had to accurate and he also had to pay attention to his tone.  He said that he could communicate in English ordinarily, but for acting, the director still had to correct him on the details.

Speaking of the director saying that he was not handsome enough, Eason joked that everyone's angle was different.  As long as he thought he was handsome then he was fine.

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