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The Patrick Leung Pak Kin directed, Mini Yang Mi, Zhao Wenzhou, Louis Fan Siu Wong, Dennis To Yu-Hang, Xu Jiao, Paw Hee Ching, Lawrence Wong Hiu and others starred treasure hunt action film WU DANG held its first press conference in Wudang Mountain.  Yang Mi, Fan Siu Wong, To Yu-Hang, Wong Hiu and others appeared in costumes.  Yang Mi's Chinese and Western mixed style long boot look shocked everyone.  Fan Siu Wong's modern modified priest look also was refreshing.  The team even opened the treasure chest for the ceremony.

Yang Mi was very satisfied with her look and very professionally pointed out that her costume mixed in Bohemian elements.  Actually the film's costume designers was the Oscar Best Costume Design award winning
famous Japanese designer Emi Wada.  In her first action film Yang Mi faced three action stars Zhao Wenzhou, Fan Siu Wong, To Yu-Hang and did not show any weakness.  She said, "Although I am the worst fighter, in the film they all face defeat in my hand."  The hardcore kung fu stars also showed their weakness.  Zhao Wenzhou praised Yang Mi's good figure and powerful moves; Fan Siu Wong even joked, "She is so pretty, with just a look she can make everyone yield."  After the Wudang mountain scenes, the team will head to Shanghai for a major shoot.  The film hopes to make a summer release next year.

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