Sunday, November 27, 2011


Ryan, Scottie Hui with their wives

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Sam Hui and his wife
Michael Hui
Hui Koon Mo handles the funeral and Ricky Hui's god son Oscar carries the photo
Michael Hui's daughter Hui Si Hung and her son
Ricky Hui's first love Suen Bo Ling came to pay her respect on both days
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Passing away earlier at home due to a heart attack at the age of 65, veteran actor Ricky Hui Koon Ying's funeral took place yesterday.  Friends and family, including little brother Sam Hui Koon Kit whose whereabouts has been mysterious, appeared.  His first girlfriend was present throughout the entire process in sorrow.

Around 11:20AM, Hui Koon Kit and his wife arrived at the funeral home.  Reporters immediately rushed up.  Although he kept waving in greeting, he did not say a word.  Around noon, Hui Koon Mo and a child who carried Hui Koon Ying's photo and a male elder first stepped out of the funeral home.  Then Hui Koon Ying's remains were transported to the hearse and sent to cremation.  Family and friends followed to send the passed on his final journey.  After the ceremony ended, Hui Koon Kit and his wife appeared first and looked calm.  Several workers accompanied them to their vehicle.  Then friends and family followed in sorrow.  Every attendee received lai see.  Hui Koon Ying's ashes will be shattered at

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