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Rose Chan Ka Wun yesterday held a press conference with her manager and lawyer in response to the suspected indecent assault case with Benny Chan Ho Man and Joe Ma Tak Chung after returning to Hong Kong two nights ago.  Rose stated that Chan Ho Man and Ma Tak Chung after drinking almost became other people.

The manager spoke first and stressed that he was very angry about the unpleasantness that Chan Ka Wun encountered in Hengdian, which was a very serious indecent assault felony.  Show business should be a group of elders and enthusiastic people who build a supportive and enthusiastic about public interest image.  The manager pointed out that this case was the shame of Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan show business, thus he felt that he had to take legal action so everyone would understand the true faces of the shameless.

Later Chan Ka Wun thanked the media for their concern.  She was very upset about the matter, making her family, master, manager and friends worry.  She said, "Lately I have been working on a movie in the Mainland.  Every time after work I would dine with the team.  That day (Timmy) Hung Tin Ming asked me to go.  Because I have worked with Tin Ming before and master is very familiar with Tin Ming's father (Sammo) Hung Kam Bo, I feel Tin Ming is someone trustworthy.  Earlier when we dined together nothing happened."  As for the night of the incident, Rose said, "That night after dinner we went for a late night snack.  Because I had to leave with Tin Ming, when he didn't leave I didn't leave.  Before he got drunk nothing happened, but afterward something like this happened.  I was very scared, I didn't know what to do.  I never imagined that two show business elders in my impression, each with their own happy families (would act like that).  I am still young, I feel that they treat me like a little sister.  I never imaged that suddenly (they) would become another person.  The situation was very chaotic, I was very scared."  At this point Rose was teary eyed, lowered her head and could not speak, as she again said that she could not react.  She said, "Although Master, my family both have reminded me to be careful, indeed this time I wasn't alert enough.  I hope that nothing like this will happen again.  From now on I would be more careful.  Here I want to say sorry to Master and my family for making them worry."

Rose's manager said that she will continue her work in Hengdian.  Although she might run into Chan Ho Man and Ma Tak Chung again, she was not worried about any further danger and did not need to avoid them.  When asked whether Rose resisted, she only nodded.  As for why she did not leave, she said, "Because at the time I really couldn't react, Tin Ming who I trusted was drunk, but I was in a strange place.  I didn't know how I could leave at the time."  Rose stressed that she was not drunk at the time.  As for how long the assault lasted and where was she touched, her lawyer said that she was not at liberty to discuss.  When asked whether Chan and Ma would be charged, the lawyer said that the police will decide who will be the plaintiff and who will be the witness.  Because Rose did not talk about the incident in detail, she was asked
whether she voiced her objection, she lightly said, "I resisted, because I just met them, this time indeed I was less alert and cautious."  After the half a hour press conference Chan Ka Wun after resting went to the Kwun Tong police station.  Around 5:10PM, the police informed the media that Chan Ka Wun has already been transported to the Tseung Kwan Ho police station for further statement.

Chan Ka Wun's master and manager Sin Kwok Lam yesterday revealed on a radio interview that Ka Wun was not in good spirits when she returned to Hong Kong two nights ago.  He also already got an understanding of the entire matter and left it with the lawyer for appropriate legal action.  He said, "I only knew at the time someone bullied her, but I didn't know to what degree.  After seeing the photos I realized how severe this was.  I was very shocked that such behavior would appear today."

Sin Kwok Lam said that due to his busy schedule he could not attend the press conference with Ka Wun yesterday.  He also revealed that Ka Wun has been crying over the matter for several days.  He also felt that she should be careful with people she met and he admitted that he has yelled at her; however Sin Kwok Lam felt that actually she was the victim.  Because at the time everyone was an elder, she did not expect something like this to take place.  Sin Kwok Lam yelled at her before looking at the photos or knowing the details.  With Ka Wun's Wing Chun background, why did she not use kung fu against them at the time?  Sin Kwok Lam said, "It's very simple.  A 19 year old girl who hasn't experienced anything like this, with two men and without any friends or family around in Hengdian, without any encounter with rapist, any training would be useless.  I asked her too why she didn't fight him off at the time, she said that at the time she was very scared and didn't know what to do."  Sin Kwok Lam and Timmy Hung Tin Ming were friends.  He said that Tin Ming afterward sent a text message to him to apologize.  As for Benny Chan Ho Man, he did not know.  However he has dined twice with Joe Ma Tak Chung.  Ma Tak Chung even very graciously asked him Master.  The party involved responded to the matter with "being hospitable" and "very minor matter", was further action taken because of it?  He said that was unrelated.  He also said that what he said did not matter, as everyone have their own eyes to see.  Sin Kwok lam also said that at the time Ka Wun tried to wake Tin Ming several times, and said that he was very strict with his disciples.  Whatever happened he would yell first and ask questions later, but this time she was the victim.

Ka Wun was working on Wong Jing's new film PRINCESS AND SEVEN KUNG FU MASTERS (SIU GUNG JUNG MO LUM), Brother Jing has not contacted Sin Kwok Lam afterwards.  He said, "Actually I have over 100 calls that I didn't take, some I knew and some I didn't so I am not at liberty to discuss that."  Has anyone called to plead for mercy?  He only laughed in response and did not directly answer.  He also said that Ka Wun just turned 19, show business must make fair criticism.  He did not hope something like this to happen to his own children and said that the matter did not involved any issue with the production and co-stars, as Chan was not a part of this film.  He was very at ease with the production and Wong Jing.  He continued, "Actually she has a bodyguard every time, but a big girl has to grow up.  It is impossible for her to just work on my movies."

As the creator of PRINCESS AND SEVEN KUNG FU MASTERS, Wong Jing was very angry about the matter.  Wong Jing yesterday blasted Chan Ho Man and Ma Tak Chung online, calling Chan Ho Man out for getting mean in opposition and Ma Tak Chung for lacking honor.  Wong Jing said, "I was away from the production for two days, I only found out about Chan Ka Wun when I got back.  Without commenting on whether they got out of hand, the two male suspects' behavior after the violation truly was eye opening.  Chan Ho Man was like the pervert who molests female students in public transportation, first he gets mean in opposition then he sees the cover photos and he plays dead.  He still is just bad in general.  Ma Tak Chung
immediately draws a line and sells out his friend for survival.  He wants to push all the responsibility onto someone else.  He absolutely deserves the '2011 diamond class no loyalty award'!"  Wong Jing laughed after seeing Ma Tak Chung's online donation comment.  "Ma Tak Chung actually says that he wants to make a donation to Tung Wah hospitals.  I am dying from laughing.  Can making a donation make everything go away?  I suggest for Tung Wah to turn down his donation."

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