Monday, November 7, 2011


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The film ZHI SHA (STOP KILLING) that reflects Chinese people's protection of world peace with Eastern culture is currently shooting in Wendeng.  The film was based on the story of Sheng Jing Shan Quanzhen Taoism founding disciple Qiu Chuji urging Genghis Khan to drop his slaughtering sword and killing heart and swing back to camp.  The film title was based on Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong's poem to honor Qiu Chuji's historical contribution, "One comment stops the killing and does a service to the world."  The film is a China, Japan, Korea co-production and the cast includes Mainland actor Geng Le, Li Xiaoran, Yu Shaoqun, Japanese actor Hideo Nakaizumi, and Korean actress Park Ye-Jin.

The director Wang Ping believed that ZHI SHA was a very noble subject about an over 70 year old old man who spent over two years and walked over 39,000 miles to complete a mission that cannot be imagined -- to convince Genghis Khan to "stop killing".  Currently every year many Europeans came to pay their respect to Qiu Chuji in Sheng Jing Shan.  Shandong Film Studio, China Film Group, Shandong Broadcasting, Film and Television Bureau, Wendeng city government jointly produced the film.  Since mid October the production began in Shandong.  In November it will move to Ningxia to continue its location shoots.  The film will be released in 2012.

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