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THE GREAT MAGICIAN (DAI MOR SHOOK SI) is mainly a light battle of wits.  Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Lau Ching Wan in order to win the heart of Zhou Xun use every trick in the book.  As Ching Wan's seventh concubine, Zhou Xun is well disguised and stoic.  Ching Wan in order to get a kiss charges her room at night.  In order to turn down this charging warlord, Zhou Xun with her Chinese dance background moves like a snake and dodges all over the room.  She has Ching Wan right where she wants him.

In this scene, they chase each other around in a small room.  In order to create the humorous effect, director Derek Yee Tung Sing uses a fully rhythmic dance style to express the "you can't catch me" feeling.  During rehearsal Ching Wan pairs stiff movement with humorous expression and cracks up Zhou Xun, leading to bad takes.  Ching Wan even jokes that this is the latest robot dance.  "I see the young people now like this type of dancing very much.  The uniqueness of this dance is stiff appearance, which looks a little unnatural.  I feel my dance steps can lead a new round of robot dance fever."  Has his wife kicked him out like in the film?  Ching Wan mischievously answered, "I am a warlord, you should ask my wife whether she has tried to kick me out."

On the other hand, Zhou Xun in this film dodges right and left.  Zhou Xun says that she has studied Chinese dance since she was little.  General dance steps or kicks to her are easy as pie.  In order to fend off Ching Wan who charges into her room, Zhou Xun "rolls" over the table, pulls table cloth and throw apples.  "In order to be accurate, I have to try repeatedly.  Luckily my face isn't swollen from me nailing him."

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