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Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Joan Lin
Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Tony Leung
Jackie Chan
Derek Yee, Zhou Xun, Chen Kun
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The Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Lau Ching Wan and Zhou Xun starred Emperor Motion Picture THE GREAT MAGICIAN (DAI MOR SHOOK SI) earlier even attracted Jackie Chan and his wife Joan Lin (Lam Fung Giu) to visit the set.  Lam Fung Giu even revealed that she and her son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) both considered Wai Jai as their idol.  She would even show off her photo with Wai Jai to her son!

The Emperor holiday release THE GREAT MAGICIAN after releasing its posters and trailers earlier yesterday published set visit photos with Jackie Chan and his wife Lam Fung Giu, and Zhou Xun's "DRAGON GATE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION" members Chen Kun and Mavis Fan Hiu Huen.

When Big Brother arrived at the set and saw action director Stephen Tung Wai's action scene, Big Brother's directing bug acted up as he studied with Tung Wai.  He said, "I am very familiar with Early Republic films.  Back then DRUNKEN MASTER (JUI KUEN), SNAKE IN THE EAGLE'S SHADOW (SEH YING DIU SAU), PROJECT A (A GAI WAT) were all Early Republic films.  I came this time because I was very curious about how Siu Bo would make an Early Republic film!"  Director (Derek) Yee said, "I hope viewers won't compare THE GREAT MAGICIAN with Jackie Chan's DRUNKEN MASTER and PROJECT A.  He is definitely more amazing with the fights but his story writing ability may not compare to mine!"  He continued, "We once thought about the title MAGIC MASTER (MOR FAT DAI SI), later we saw Jackie Chan's company also has such a title in its projects.  Although he always said that it might not be made, we changed the title anyway."  Later Lam Fung Giu arrived at the set and the production team got excited!  She became a big fan as she was busy with looking for Wai Jai for a photo.  "Fong Cho Ming and I admire Leung Chiu Wai very much.  He is my and Little Fong's idol.  I have to show him this photo.  Your Mama finally got a photo with her idol, but you haven't yet!"

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