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The Chapman To Man Jat directed new film DIVA yesterday began work at the Clearwater Bay studio.  Joey Yung Cho Yi, Mag Lam Yun Tung, Carlos Chan Ka Lok were present.  Recently a Mainland tabloid claimed that Joey and Denise Ho Wan Si were secretly married.  Yesterday Joey directly called it crazy.  "I don't need to be afraid of anything that isn't fact, otherwise what I am going to do when next issue says I
am pregnant!"

Joey and Cheng Ka Wai who played her assistant worked on a scene in which they got out of a vehicle.  Because she had to five inch high heels, Joey was very careful when she walked.  Joey said, this film will be completed within days.  In order to this character well she used a lot of her own clothes.  She said that she would spend seven figures on clothes every year.

As for this performance, she revealed that she had to dress up for the character and used three cases of clothes.  Now her home was like a warehouse.  Joey said, "If I have to buy pretty clothes the entire film's budget wouldn't be enough!"  Joey frankly said that the pressure of this film was not at the box office but the emotional upheaval during the production.  She said, "Because I have to cry in this film, I have to be very sentimental and argue with Ah Jat who plays my manager!"  She also mentioned that in real life she has argued in real life with Mani Fok Man Hei about interviews before her concert.  She said, "Because at the time I wanted to focus on the concert, I was emotional when I discussed it with Mani."

A Mainland tabloid claimed that Joey and Ah Si were secretly married and the rumor spread like crazy online.  Joey helplessly said, "I never read it!  I just feel it's crazy!  I wouldn't."  Was she afraid that it would scare off fans?  She stressed that she did not need to be afraid of anything that was not fact.  She said, "Anything can happen in the world, tabloids report things that aren't true for sales and exceed my bottom line!"  Joey joked that next month she might be rumored to be pregnant.  Thus if she was not affected much she would try to ignore it.  Recently Joey's junior colleague Chan Ka Lok and Lam Yun Tung were rumored to have grown closer due to the film.  They were very hesitant yesterday.  Lam Yun Tung said, "We date in the film, off the scene we are good friends.  We have only known each other for a few weeks."  She also said that she did no idea what she would look for in a guy; Ka Lok however said that he liked girl next door like Lam Yun Tung.  When asked whether he would start pursuing her, he said, "I am afraid that her fans would beat me."

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