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Wu Chun, Karena Ng Chin Yu, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Anjaylia Chan Ka Bo and others yesterday promoted their fantasy film MAGIC TO WIN (HOI SUM MOR FAT).

Chin Yu ran into "Electric Eyes" Wu Chun in her first film.  Was she "electrocuted"?  Wu Chun chimed in and said that in the film he was electrocuted due to electricity leak so he was already out of juice.  Chin
Yu joked, "I wasn't electrocuted, maybe he really used up all the electricity!"  When asked whether Wu Chun lacked electricity because he was "married"?  He immediately joked that reporters could actually make a stretch to that topic and denied that he was married.

The film subject was magic.  Wu Chun through the film learned some card and coin tricks that he liked very much.  Later he will keep learning.  Would he use it to woo girls?  Wu Chun joked, "I don't have to, chasing girls require sincerity!"  Chin Yu also said that she liked to watch magic shows but magicians would not particularly win her over.  She also said that Wu Chun liked to study how the magic trick worked.  In addition, Wu Chun said that he still did not know whether he would have to work during Christmas.  If not he hoped to be able to spend more time with his family, since he spent so much time on making movies.  As for Christmas gifts, he said that he usually had to get belated gifts.  Speaking of Andy Lau Tak Wa and Deanie Ip Tak Han's Golden Horse Award victories, Wu Chun was happy for them both.

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