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Stephy Tang does not mind working with Prince Chiu
Stephy Tang and Louis Koo set off spark in their new film
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In the film THE L STORM (L FUNG BO), Louis Koo Tin Lok, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing and Julian Cheung Chi Lam starred. Stephy Tang Lai Yun was the only female lead. Playing a private shot model she mistrusted someone and went to sue Goo Jai. Stephy joked that she thought this time she would be able to act with a group of handsome men, in the end she was only able to run and be in car chases with Goo Jai. When asked about her boyfriend Prince Chiu, Stephy said that with the right job she would not resist working with him.

The shoot took place in the summer, Stephy had to wear a jacket and run back and forth on the streets. For realism, cars had to brush her by. The shoot actually was very dangerous. "I didn't want to any accident to happen, so before the shoot we rehearsed for a long time. The car brushed me by, very close to me. I haven't had too much experience with this type of scenes, so I was very cautious and listened to the directions fully. When the car charged at me I was truly a little frightened, but I gave the scared expression that I had to give in the film!"

Stephy had action scenes in recent films. She admitted that she was interested in transitioning into an action actress because she always had an athletic background. She was so flexible that she could kick above her head in mid air like her idol Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King). As for dangerous stunts she would not mind performing them herself. As an actor often she wanted to perform personally, but for the big picture she still had to know her limits. If she forced herself and got hurt she would only hinder the production progress instead.

Stephy in the film had a delicate relationship with Goo Jai as as they kept each other guessing. They had few eye contact during the performance but they have worked together before. Was Goo Jai's acting even better after winning Best Actor? Stephy said, "During the shoot he still haven't won the Best Actor award, but I could tell that he already felt he had the potential; especially his steady eyes, haha!"

Was her boyfriend Prince Chiu worried about her working on action scenes? She said, "At the time we weren't dating yet!" Now would they exchange acting experience? Stephy said, "When two people have something in common to talk about it's pretty good too!" She also said that with the suitable role and script she would not resist working with her boyfriend. "So far no one has asked us, but making money together wouldn't be bad either. However I would have to see if it's truly suitable first!"

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