Saturday, August 25, 2018


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Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Michael Tse Tin Wa, Chin Ka Lok, Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung starred action epic THE GOLDEN JOB (WONG GUM HING DAI) yesterday released its production highlight online and lured the audience in with exciting action scenes. Director Chin Ka Lok is an experienced action director. This time he used up his entire arsenal, martial art action, gun fights, car chases, explosions, actually behind the scene all the brothers put in a lot of hard work. They not only had to carry 30 to 40 pound real guns as they ran the hills; they also had to climb rocks, flip, climb walls, wire work......all of which challenged their physical limits; also because of personally performing different highly difficult stunts almost every lead was injured. For example Cheng Yi Kin suffered a shoulder ligament tear and needed to be rushed to the hospital for treatment; Lam Hiu Fung pulled his neck and could not turn his head; Chan Siu Chun injured his shoulder and hip and needed massage therapy for several months. Chin Ka Lok as a director and an actor personally demonstrated every stunt and even needed a massage therapist to be on all to treat his kneecap injury. To avoid hindering progress, despite their injuries they continued to work after being treated.

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