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After the crematorium farewell ceremony, Yu Ching Ping in the company of Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Eman Lam and Denise Ho thank the media
Yu Ching Ping carries her beloved's photo to the crematorium
Denise Ho and Anthony Wong Yiu Ming lead the pallbearers
Ellen Loo's parents
Ellen Loo's coffin has her favorite guitar designs
Fans bid Ellen Loo farewell across the street from the funeral parlor

The departing hearse sends the media scrambling
Karena Lam keeps Yu Ching Ping's parents company
Joey Yung
Kay Tse arrives solemnly and leaves in tears
Miriam Yeung
Kary Ng pays her respect to her friend for a second day in a row
Kary Ng and Ellen Loo
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Singer Ellen Loo (Lo Hoi Tung) fell to her death on the 5th at age 32. Her funeral took place at the Hong Kong Funeral Parlor under a Number 3 tropical cyclone warning. Widow Yu Ching Ping tearfully bid her beloved Lo Hoi Tung farewell. Lo Hoi Tung's parents held back their sorrow. Friends Denise Ho Wan Sze, Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Jason Choi Tak Choi were among the pallbearers, Kay Tse On Kay, Joey Yung Cho Yi were in tears as they left. Many fans silently bid their idol farewell from the overpass across the street from the funeral parlor. Eman Lam after the funeral posted a thank you to Lo Hoi Tung online. "Thank you for spending your life to teach me such a beautiful lesson, I will put what I have learnt into music, this, is at17, Lo Hoi Tung and Eman Lam's permanent spirit."

At 8:30AM, Lo Hoi Tung's widow Yu Ching Ping arrived with three friends at the funeral parlor. Then Eman Lam, Ho Wan Sze, Wong Yiu Ming, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Yung Cho Yi, Tse On Kay, Kary Ng Yu Fei, Endy Chow Kwok Yin, Yoyo Shum Ning Yi and Tina Lau Tin Lan arrived. Ho Wan Sze put her hands together and did not answer any question. Lo Hoi Tung's parents and brother arrived at 9AM. Yesterday the tropical cyclone warning signal 3 was hung, as rain often poured on the sorrow. Around 20 Lo Hoi Tung fans gathered on the overpass across the street from the funeral parlor. They braved the storm to bid their idol farewell.

Wong Yiu Ming, Ho Wan Sze, Choi Tak Choi, former assistant Ng Wai Kei, drummer Wong Wai Fun and others were pallbearers. The coffin was transported to Cape Collinson Crematorium. The funeral began at 11PM as friends left the funeral parlor, saddened and in tears. Tse On Kay cried as she walked and covered her nose with her hand; in sunglasses Yung Cho Yi also was red from crying. A solemn Ng Yu Fei left with her husband. Yung Cho Yi and Ng Yu Fei attended the farewell ceremony at the crematorium with family and friends.

Widow Yu Ching Ping left in the white flower covered hearse. She sat in the middle with Lo Hoi Tung's photo and her head lowered. Reporters flocked to take photos and caused a stir. The police and security had to clear the road for the hearse. Upon arriving at the crematorium, the crew carried the white coffin, which had Lo Hoi Tung's favorite guitar designs on it.

Yu Ching Ping then carried Lo Hoi Tung's photo to the hall for the farewell ceremony. Eman and a friend had to help her to the bathroom. She looked weary and much thinner. After the ceremony, as everyone left, Lo Hoi Tung's parents held back their sorrow and remained strong and calm. Karena Lam Ka Yun kept Yu Ching Ping's parents company as a heartbroken Father Yu wiped away his tears. Chow Kwok Yin, Yung Cho Yi and Ng Fei Yu looked solemn. Fnally Yu Ching Ping carried Lo Hoi Tung's photo and walked out with Wong Yiu Ming, Eman Lam, Ho Wan Sze and the assistant and bowed to the media in a show of appreciation. Yu Ching Ping nodded and left. Then they went to Causeway Bay for the cleansing banquet.

Eman Lam kept Yu Ching Ping company all along. After the funeral she again remembered Lo Hoi Tung online. "This place I am sending you to, you would be busy with free time, busy enjoying the warmth of sunrise and sunset, busy counting the love that you have taken away and given, busy experiencing the most delicate and the great beauty between Heaven and Earth. Thank you for spending your life to give me such a beautiful lesson, I will put what I have learnt into music, this, is at 17, Lo Hoi Tung and Eman Lam's permanent spirit. The world that you have gone to receives electronic wave signal stronger than 1000MB broadband. These posts probably would load very smoothly. Relax and be busy with your vacation, I will be busy living. I don't know when I will get off, but after work you can pick me up. I will call then~"

Ng Yu Fei appeared for the first time after giving birth, for a second day in a row she went to the funeral parlor to bid her friend Lo Hoi Tung farewell. After leaving the crematorium yesterday, she posted happy photos with Lo Hoi Tung from their past on social media. Ng Yu Fei posted, "Relax, I can still remember your cute face crystal clear, may we forever live in our happy 16. I love you dood dood"

Cheng Sau Man posted Lo Hoi Tung's funeral photo on social media. "We know you have already worked very hard and fought one after another hard battle to be 'cured'. Perhaps, life itself is a hard battle. For those of us living, from now on we have to properly live, put our hearts into living, cherish our lives, actively live, to not let your endless effort go to waste. Miss you."

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