Sunday, August 19, 2018


Julian Cheung tries to stop the bleeding from his eyelid
Toby Chan is used to big production and remains calm with the car flip
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The Julian Cheung Chi Lam starred STORM film series has reached its third installment. The new film THE L STORM (L FUNG BO) during the shoot ran into a storm. No wonder the team joked that it was rather "appropriate". Earlier the team applied for road block shoot n Sha Tin. Due to the storm the production progress was hindered! Luckily Chilam, Patrick Tam Yiu Man and Toby Chan Ting Yan still worked despite the tropical cyclone warning signal 3 and finished the shoot in time.

At the time the team prepared a prop armored vehicle and several cars for a car chase. Chilam and Ah Tam began the chase with rifles and submachine guns in hand and spent several thousand prop bullets. They even set off "real spark" as both were injured from the prop bullet's "spark". The crew saw the scratch over Chilam's eyelid and treated it right away. Later he continued the shoot despite the pain.

Chilam admitted that if the spark went off a little he might have been blinded. Was the shoot very tough? He said, "The second film THE S STORM (S FUNG BO) was tougher because it had more action scenes. This time mainly has been gun fights." Ah tam said that he was fine during the shoot. After he got home to rest he discovered the wounds all over him. "That proves it's a serious production. In the past few years I haven't made Hong Kong action films. I wouldn't have guessed that this time I would set off real spark with Chilam. I ran into many good actors and good colleagues, I hope the audience would like it."

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