Tuesday, August 14, 2018


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Anita Yuen Wing Yi yesterday was a guest on ViuTV all new talk program. Len Len appeared to be slimmer. She revealed that she lost weight for her film character. Because the story would span generations in its development, the director asked her to be different on her before and after performance. Thus she had to be slim first than fat later. She now relied on exercise and nutritional diet. In two months she lost 10 pounds. She has not returned to her pre childbirth weight of 110 pounds. Len Len admitted that she would only be so thin for a movie because she liked herself to be a little fuller. She has also be busy with skin care to keep herself from both thin and dry, but she said that the film has postponed its production start until October. Thus she was afraid that staying in shape would be hard.

Her husband Julian Cheung Chi Lam's former manager Leung Nga Sze was suspected for falsifying contract and check embezzlement, she was found guilty on three fraud charges and will be sentenced on Friday. Len Len said that the Hong Kong legal system was very complete, and Chilam coordinated with the department of justice as a witness. She felt the verdict was very reasonable. Would she pay more attention to her husband's contract from now on to avoid similar incident? Len Len responded, "I never look at his contract, this time nothing escapes justice. When the advertiser out of the blue complained to me, I told Chilam about it. Now the truth comes out." Len Len admitted that the matter dragged on for four years, to coordinate with the trial they even sacrificed their summer vacation as they could not travel with their son. Now that it has been completely settled, she only hoped those involved would return to peace and get back to work.

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