Wednesday, August 15, 2018


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The Teddy Chan Tak Sum directed new film DOUBLE WORLD (JING TOH) cast Law Chung Him, Peter Ho Yun Tung and former Korean boy band SJ-M member Henry as its leads. While shooting in Wuxi, Law Chung Him's greatest interest after work was working out. Already in great shape, after over three months of hellish training his chest was already 40 inches.

Speaking of the most different part of the production, Law Chung Him said, "Everyday under 40 degree (Celsius) high heat, we were in the air tight leather costumes. With the super heat absorbing color of black, we worked on a lot of action scenes and wire work. Everyday was like working on top of a fire pit." Because the production schedule was rather intense, Law Chung Him stayed in the Mainland for over three months without returning to Hong Kong. Luckily his wife Tavia Yeung Yi was very attentive as she personally flew to Wuxi to cheer him on. "Because I couldn't go back to Hong Kong, early in the shoot Ah Yi flew to visit the set. We even went for a walk and have drinks at Lake Tai and Old Town. It might sound very dull, but I was already pleased and satisfied." Law Chung Him revealed that while his wife was in Hong Kong, they would chat over FaceTime everyday. So he did not feel lonely.

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