Tuesday, August 28, 2018


courtesy of singtao.com

The Eric Tsang Chi Wai produced, Chin Ka Lok directed action film THE GOLDEN JOB (WONG GUM HING DAI) invited "YOUNG AND DANGEROUS" Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Michael Tse Tin Wa and Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung to "reunite". Tin Wa, Ka Lok and Lam Hiu Fung's stills yesterday were released for the first time. As "intelligence agent" Bill, Tin Wa continued to look explosively chok as a superficial person who was only after a materialistic life and valued food and fun. Thus he did not mind taking a short cut to make a quick buck. In the end he made a mistake and sold out his brothers, leading to a break up; the Ka Lok played "driver" was calm. Not only did he excel in driving and upgrading vehicles, he was able to remain calm in danger. He was the "mediator" between the brothers; as the "hacker" Mouse, Lam Hiu Fung looked no different from the average "otaku" but actually is the a top notch computer expert. Because he was the youngest and easy going, he became the target of his brothers' ridicule.

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