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Yeung Pan Pan shows her burn on the right wrist
Toby Chan
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Yeung Pan Pan earlier was injured in a fire while working on the film THE AMAZING SPRING (DAI DEI WUI CHUN) in Malaysia. Yesterday she attended a press conference and had no burn on her face. Sister Pan Pan said that the recovery has been great, she rested for a dozen or so days after the injury and enjoyed her time with friends thoroughly. The film company also took great care of her. Sister Pan Pan recalled the accident, "At the time we were working on a scene in which my on screen husband Law Kar Ying pulled me out of the fire but he was burnt to death. Yet during the shoot the floor was flooded with rain water, my pants and shoes were all soaked through. Behind me were over 20 seniors without any acting experience!" Sister Pan Pan continued, "I have to praise myself for my kindness. Heaven made arrangements. Since I have been a stunt person and knew that the director would take a very long time to shoot the three scenes, I reminded everyone if they got hot from the fire not to back up, otherwise they would step on others. The best would be scattering to the sides. During the shoot, I was cultivating my emotions and crying. Everyone saw someone falling into the fire, the one covered in fire was me. You also saw a blue flame surrounding the seniors and burnt two stories high. The seniors scattered to the sides. When the fire reached me I turned around, but because my hip was already in necrosis, I couldn't turn around and fell. I thought this would be a disaster. Luckily my onscreen brother came back to pull me out. It was only in the matter of seconds!" Sister Pan Pan was fortunate that her pants and shoes were all wet, as she only suffered ankle burns. "However my 30% of my right arm was burn, my mouth, eyes, nose, eyebrows and eyelashes were burnt. During therapy, my right arm was folded up from the burn, I could forced it open but it would not stop bleeding! At the hospital the doctor saw that I would need three weeks before I would be presentable, but I took care of myself. After a week or two I was already able to see people, and I didn't have any scar!"

Sister Pan Pan gratefully said, "This disaster actually was a big deal for me, I almost couldn't come back. Heaven blessed me!" As for compensation, she sad that she did not ask for anything because this time the film company thoughtfully gave a chance to a new comer. However over 30 seniors were injured, the film company fully supported their treatment and recovery care. After the injury, Sister Pan Pan still remembered to ask the director if he could enough shots. The director said that the scenes came out great and would not need any additional shoot. The film has been scheduled for a January Lunar New Year release in Malaysia. Without any scar now, would she need any beauty therapy? Sister Pan Pan said, "The beautician saw me and saw I didn't need to do anything!" Would she perform any dangerous stunts at the Tung Wah charity show? She said that this time she would only instruct everyone on some highly difficult stunts. "Actually any performance would have its danger, I was working on a dramatic scene earlier but I still got burnt!"

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