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The Lunar New Year film INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG MO: YIM MOK) asked Hacken Lee Hak Kun to perform its theme song BURIED ALIVE. Lee Hak Kun stated that he felt the importance of the mission. "When I recorded before, as long as I was pleased the producer would accept it. This time is for a Lunar New Year film. I hope to be able to help with the promotion. The most important is for the director and the producer to accept the goods. Luckily during the recording they didn't come to supervise, otherwise the pressure would have been even greater!" Hacken knew Alan Mak Siu Fai's work as a director like the back of his hand. Hacken said, "I like the atmosphere and the tension Director Mak creates the most, everything comes very naturally so the audience can easily be in the midst of it; during the recording, I try to imagine the three leads in the film and explore their characters through music and sound."

Did Hacken's acting bug act up? Hacken said, "Making movies is more than just asking for them. Whether an actor runs into a character, or a singer into a song, each time is an opportunity, destiny. I look forward to working with Director Mak as an actor very much, I can even play a tree, pedestrian A or the numerous cops, CIDs that are always in his movies. Does he have any random role for me to play?" Hacken has always played heroic characters with his positive image. Actually he would like to challenge dark and evil roles. "If I have to choose a character in INTEGRITY, I would like to play the killer the most. However I am afraid that I won't be too convincing. I would choose to be a key witness. Since it's 'key', it is an important character in the film but it doesn't have to have a lot of screen time. I would do a little for a lot of result!"

Speaking of Hacken's offer, director Mak Siu Fai said, "I can consider it, with the right character I would ask him! Although Hacken has been in movies, they are still few and far between. He still has a lot of development potential acting wise."

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