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DaDa Chan Jing in the Lunar New Year film MISSBEHAVIOR (GUNG HEI BAK POR) and a phone group with eight people like Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Jo Kuk Cho Lam, Isabel Chan Yat Ning and others. Due to a misunderstanding they have not been in contact for a very long time. Playing a young writer, DaDa said that in the film she often turned what happened to her friends into books. Director Pang Ho Cheung also listened to friends' stories and them made them into movies.

DaDa said that she got sexy again for the film because she owed director Pang Ho Cheung. In addition his films were fun and had a deeper layer meaning. She said, "This time he gave me the writer role to play, I was very grateful to him. It's not just sexy, I got to do a lot. I also did a lot that I have never done in my acting before. Instead I happily finished it without any stress. For me, earlier I wanted to try different characters unlike 'Popping Candy' in VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET). I didn't want the audience to typecast me. As I aged slowly I knew I wanted to be different, instead I wanted to act more and not just keep playing the same type of characters."

DaDa lamented the difficulty of wearing low cut clothes in the film. Aside from the visual burden, she also had chase scenes and had to magnify life events on the big screen. She said, "In one scene I had a stomach ache and had to go to the bathroom. It was very biological so I followed the script. Yet I ran into some on the set mistakes and the result was very funny instead. In the end this take was used. Because the story took place in a day, the costume was the same for every day of the shoot. I was afraid of wardrobe malfunction and took all the safety caution." In the film DaDa lost touch with the friends of many years. In reality DaDa admitted that her circle of friends had disputes. "Because of that a new phone group had to start. Actually it was nonsense between girls, like talking behind someone's back over something minor. I wouldn't start a group. If I want to go to dinner and people didn't like each other, I wouldn't ask either of them!"

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