Saturday, January 12, 2019


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The film THE LADY IMPROPER (FEI FUN SHOOK NUI) was seen as another self challenging breakthrough film for Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin after SARA (CHOR GEI). Not only the Hong Kong audience is looking forward to it, many foreign film festivals are deeply interested in the subject of a woman from growing to transforming, proper to improper exploration. The first confirmed film festival will be the 12th Holland Asian Film Festival in March. THE LADY IMPROPER was selected as the closing film. Lead actress Ah Sa expressed her excitement. "I am very happy, I hope all the viewers would like THE LADY IMPROPER!"

The film festival pointed out, "Holland Asian Film Festival has always promoted woman directors and films that reflected Asian women facing their own unique challenges, as well as provided an European market facing platform for new directors. The event's closing film choice also stresses this point, like the earlier THE GREAT BUDDHA+. THE LADY IMPROPER is the independent filmmakers Tsang Tsui Shan's five film, with the breakthrough performance that Choi Cheuk Yin brings. The film at the same time perfectly echoes this year's newly added Culinary Section, which helps with reminding visitors from everywhere Hong Kong's cafe culture, its unforgettable flavor and atmosphere."

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