Saturday, January 19, 2019


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Andrew Lam asks Lam Suet to make Aaron Kwok's gestures
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In Andrew Lam Man Chung's directing debut, the Lunar New Year films A LIFETIME TREASURE (YU JU YU BO) he and Lam Suet played nemeses, but privately they were so close that they had no "bottom line"!

When Ah Chung asked the 280 pound Lam Suet at costume fitting, Ah Chung made fun of his belly as he sang and danced to Aaron Kwok Fu Sing's ENDLESS LOVE FOR YOU. Lam Suet coordinated with Ah Sing's gestures, moved his body around and shook his rear for Ah Chung to capture on his phone. Ah Chung shot the video as he kept pulling up Lam Suet's shirt and pulling down his pants, as he said that he wanted to shoot his lower body; Lam Suet did not mind as he propped up his belly and said, "You can find it under here!" Then they told even more dirty jokes. Lam Suet was not mad from Ah Chung's pranks. He even spent almost HK$ 10,000 to treat the entire team of 80 people to squab.

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