Friday, September 3, 2021


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Ashina Kwok Yik Sum in the film #PTGF (CHOOK JO NUI YAU) played a gold digging Hong Kong woman, a girlfriend for rent. The most memorable scene was shot at a billiard hall. She wore a low cut tight dress. At the time she was in very poor shape. Due to hormonal imbalance she looked bloated, thus she was very stressed and afraid that she would not be suitable. Fortunately she was able to complete the shoot successfully. Kwok Yik Sum said that her health affected her mood. At home she kept eating, out of control like she was possessed by the devil. After finishing the shoot, she took Chinese herbal medicine to recuperate and now she has returned to normal.

Kwok Yik Sum often had sexy performance on camera. She admitted that she was easily labeled as a gold digger, casual, both friends and members of the opposite sex felt that she could make category III films, she did not mind being hug or kissed. She felt very disrespected.

Speaking of the rumored "female star dinners", she admitted that she has encountered them. At the dinner friends would give lai see. Someone has asked her about "dinner price". Aside from dinner, other requests would not be stipulated. She would handle the matter depending on the situation, whether she would have a friend in tow or whether the venue would be appropriate. If she felt uncomfortable she would leave. She knew that some inexperienced girls after being swindled still did not receive any performance opportunity.

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