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While working on his film Keung To enjoys the bento box from a fan, which he says is delicious
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Keung To in the end declines the good intention of the crew and lets the media and fans take photos

The crew awaits outside with an umbrella after Keung To completes his shoot

At first Keung To accepts the crew's offer
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MIRROR's Anson Lo, Anson Kong, Ian Chan, Edan Lui, Keung To and Jer Lau will perform a concert in December

The mobile advertising truck promotes Edan Lui
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The Kearen Pang Sau Wai directed film AH MA YAU JOI DAI YI GOR (MA HAS SOMEONE ELSE) is heating up in production. In order to keep a low profile, the team did not arrange for the leads Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Keung To, Jer and others to attend the production start ceremony until the production was nearing its end. Fainting earlier at an event, Keung To after resting for a day and a half resumed production. After charging his battery he finally became sharp! Last Saturday (the 18th) the team shot a full day on location in Sha Tin, at night they went to a Yau Ma Tei cafe for additional shoot. Some "Keung Candies" caught wind and came. The crew in order to protect Keung To covered up the cafe with black cloth and opened an umbrella for cover. Meanwhile, Anson Lo, Edan, Ian, Anson Kong's December concert officially released its poster and reveled the addition of Keung To and Jer.

Keung To lately has been busy with the new film AH MA YAU JOI DAI YI GOR. Pang Sau Wai revealed that the film would be a family comedy with Mo Shun Kwan, Keung To and Jer as the leads. Mo Shun Kwan played the manager Mommy, Jer played her son while Keung To played the star. The entire film revolved around their relationship triangle. The story added a lot of creative elements. With Pang Sau Wai at the helm, many viewers would look forward to the film!

The new film after putting Keung To in the lead for his film debut naturally caught the attention of many. This time the film production not only shot indoors but also in many public places. On location production of course would draw many pedestrians and "Keung Candies" as usual. Most recently the team resumed production for additional shoots with Keung To and Mo Shun Kwan at a Yau Ma Tei restaurant. In order to protect the shoot, the crew covered the venue with black cloth. Every time Keung To went in or out, even for the short 10 second walk he would be under the cover of many workers. They held umbrellas to cover Keung To and to prevent any photography. However Keung To seemingly understood that everyone only wanted to support him. Thus after work and changing Keung To would ask the crew not to cover him with the umbrella. "It doesn't matter!" After the crew closed their umbrella, an assistant grabbed him by the arm and rushed onto the departing vehicle!

The new film AH MA YAU JOI DAI YI GOR has been under preparation for many months, from the production start to now it has been almost a month. The actors and the team got along harmoniously. Keung To and Jer have been on the same wavelength as elder Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, without any generation gap! Most recently as the film production neared its wrap, the film company also finally arranged for a production start worship ceremony. Seeing the press after resting, Keung To of course became the focus. He also thanked everyone for their concern. He said that he was already well adjusted and recovered! Now he has already returned to work fully. Later he would take time for a physical examination! According to those in the know, "After finishing the film, Keung To would rehearse for the concert on the 27th. Then he would begin recording. In between he would have many events and commercials. Then in December he would perform a concert with Cult Leader (Anson Lo), Jer, AK, Edan, Ian. He won't have any time off for a long time!"

The earlier announced Music On The Road concert has already unveiled Anson Lo, Edan, Ian and Anson Kong on the line up. The concert poster finally revealed the last two as Keung To and Jer. The six shot the poster on a SUV.

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