Friday, September 10, 2021


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Leung Chung Hang, Carol Cheng, Hanna Chan, Rachel Leung
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Yesterday was Carol Cheng Yui Ling's 64th birthday, but she still host a film forum with new actors Leung Chung Hang, Hanna Chan and Rachel Leung Yung Ting. Sister Do said that her birthday wishes were for good health and for the pandemic to pass soon. Work was the celebration for her. She also said that she has never watched the new comers' movies, but felt that they performed well and had a lot of heart. She encouraged them to work hard and never slow down, also to watch more movies. She felt that they were smart and had their own ideas, so they did not need any advice. She said, "I watch a lot of movies, any movie I would watch! For now I only have an addiction to watch movies, but not to make them. Making movies is tougher. (Would any actor attract you to make another movie?) No, it would depend on the script. I haven't made a movie in about 20 years."

Earlier Sister Do spoke with Tony Leung Chiu Wai on the radio. She said that she has not seen him since 2013. Seeing him again this time she felt very happy. She said, "He and I both like to exercise, enjoy life. As soon as he receives the script he would work, otherwise he would focus on water sports that he likes."

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