Thursday, September 30, 2021


Adam Pak (right) 

Cloud Wan, Kevin Chu and Aaryn Cheung 
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Aaryn Cheung jokes that he has to "defrost".  Tomorrow would be his last day on TVB's LO AND BEHOLD
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Adam Pak is busy with both movies and television.  Soon he will promote his series with Annie Liu, Sonija Kwok and Poon Chan Leung

Aaryn Cheung says that other companies have made offers but he has not made any decision
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Adam Pak Tin Nam, Aaryn Cheung Ming Wai, Cloud Wan Ho Ying, Kevin Chu Kam Yin, and Kimman Wong yesterday attended a skin care brand pop up shop opening ceremony. Just completing the film BREAKOUT BROTHERS 2 (TOH YUK HING DAI 2), Pak Tin Nam revealed that he tried wire work for the first time in his new film. He said, "Because the movie subject was police chase and detective work, in one scene I had to jump from five stories up. I was the first time with wire work in my life." Pak Tin Nam said that he was not afraid of heights and even screamed that wire work was a lot of fun. For different camera angles, he did it as many as five to six times. He said, "At first I was a little scared, and didn't know apply force so when I landed I injured my knee. However it was very minor. I rub some dieda jiu on it and I was fine."

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