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In the Ada Choi Siu Fun, Athena Chu Yan, Monica Chan Fat Yung and Catherine Hung Yan host Mainland program, they not only tasted cuisine but also examined their journey in love, family and self. In this episode, Choi Siu Fun admitted that before getting into show business she was very introverted. She had a very hard time joining the crowd, and even had a "fear of socialization". She revealed that when she started her career, she did not dare to speak with others on the set and ended up being misunderstood by co-star Anita Yuen Wing Yi. She said, "I competed at the Miss Hong Kong pageant at age 17, so I felt I had to be pretend to be adult. I didn't speak, not to let others know that I actually had nothing at all inside. Back then I worked on a movie with Yuen Wing Yi and (Sean) Lau Ching Wan. I constantly carried a book because I was afraid of chatting with big stars. Yuen Wing Yi was great, she bought some books for me to read. She thought I liked to read books, but actually she didn't know that I carried a book to cover for my own shyness."

As for being able to get into the business and become an actor, Choi Siu Fun felt very lucky. However because she played a villain in her first television series, she remembered passersby would yell at her at the time. "That adult told his son, isn't that Choi Siu Fun? Remember not to speak with these bad women. I wanted to cry." Choi Siu Fun once thought that her acting was poor and regretting getting into the wrong business. In the end with her determination, she constantly practiced Maggie Cheung Man Yuk's expressions and looks in front of the mirror. She finally found her own performance direction.

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