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Nicholas Tse is pleased that RAGING FIRE becomes the top grossing Hong Kong film in the Mainland

Nicholas Tse considers a prequel for his RAGING FIRE character

Nicholas Tse praises boss Albert Yeung for his sincerity for film
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Nicholas Tse talks about his passion for Hong Kong action film 

His embrace with Benny Chan showed how deep their relationship was

Albert Yeung praised Benny Chan for his passion for work

RAGING FIRE was the last time Benny Chan worked with Albert Yeung, Nicholas Tse and Donnie Yen and he left beautiful memories for the audience as well

Albert Yeung met Benny Chan through Jackie Chan, since then they have worked together on numerous occasions

Nicholas Tse attended an audience appreciation event

Jeana Ho learns the "monkey steals peach" move from Donnie Yen in defense against Wise Guys

As one of the few female cops in the film Jeana Ho shows her courageous side
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Nicholas Tse says not every director would be able to make RAGING FIRE
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The Emperor Motion Picture RAGING FIRE (NO FOR) has been a critical and commercial hit in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Its Hong Kong box office has passed HK$ 26 million; in the Mainland it broke past 1.32 billion yuan RMB to become the highest grossing Hong Kong film in the Mainland Chinese film history. Currently in Beijing, Ting Fung was rather pleased about RAGING FIRE becoming the national Hong Kong films box office. Ting Fung happily said, "I think, because no action film that carries a heavy Hong Kong flavor and lands every punch! I initially started making movies also because I really liked to watch Hong Kong action films. Once upon a time, Hong Kong film was able to go all around the world because the word 'action'; in the past ten years the definition of 'action film' seemed to be science, comic book and animation style movies that were full of computer generated effects. Viewers have not watched two people fighting one on one in a very long times, which made RAGING FIRE widely popular."

In the film, Ting Fung played Yau Kong Ngo. His superb acting won good reviews all around. Has he considered making a prequel for the RAGING FIRE series to continue on? Ting Fung said, "We have a lot of ideas, but how should I put it......director Chan Muk Sing is no longer here. When I made RAGING FIRE, I told myself I hope I would be able to keep going with this director, to make even more Hong Kong action films. However now that he is gone, I actually am caught a little off guard. Because we have accumulated too much experience, in particular action films, I like to challenge more dangerous scenes. Not with every director would I be able to click right now, trust to take risks with some dangerous scenes......I absolutely have the heart to keep this RAGING FIRE series going. As for who I will keep going with, and how to keep going, for now I am a little lost!"

While promoting RAGING FIRE, Ting Fung personally visited cinemas, came in close contact with viewers and left a very memorable experience. "Viewers now are very amazing, maybe they have absorbed too many film and video channel footage, each viewer became a professional film critic. Even with story, lines, photography, lighting that we have not considered, they would bring up them in particular. I was surprised that actually viewers could watch with so much attention to details!" Ting Fung has said that he hoped to keep Hong Kong action film going. Aside from being an actor, would he like to join the director or action direction ranks? "Director wise, now it still isn't the time. Aside from being an actor, perhaps when I am a little older! I have always worked on action shots, and i would add a lot of my opinions. Even with RAGING FIRE this time. If you really put on the title of 'action director, I would need to properly communicate with the director. I wouldn't eliminate this possibility."

Emperor Motion Pictures over the years has made many sincere work of quality. This time RAGING FIRE even became the top grossing Hong Kong film nationally. Emperor Group chief Albert Yeung Sau Sing and Emperor Motion Picture vice chir Alex Yeung Ching lung spoke to the press yesterday. About RAGING's good performance, Yeung Sau Sing said, "RAGING FIRE since its release has been a critical and commercial hit in both the Mainland and Hong Kong. This record breaking performance is something to be proud of and very encouraging, it also proved that Chan Muk Sing truly was a master class Hong Kong action director."

Emperor Motion Pictures invested in at least 6 of Chan Muk Sing's movies. Speaking of meeting and the opportunity to work together, Yeung Sau Sing said, "Around 20 years ago, through Jackie Chan's introduction I met director Chan Muk sing. Director Chan was among the directors I know the most cultured, the most polite gentleman of righteousness. He was full of passion for work, the movies that he made had both decent box office and word of mouth performance. He was one of the directors that we at Emperor Motion Pictures worked with the most."

Tse Ting Fung pointed out that he waited very long for an outstanding script like RAGING FIRE, to be able to continue the spirit of Hong Kong action film. At the market such large scale Hong Kong action films were dwindling, because of the numerous risks involved. Why was he willing to invest in the first place? Alex said, "Hong Kong action film played an important role in the world market, but to make an outstanding Hong Kong action film that was truly rich in Hong Kong flavor, the financial and production considerations were easy at all. In addition it had to have a good director and a good script. Everyone has witnessed Director Chan Muk Sing's talent, he and Tse Ting Fung worked together on NEW POLICE STORY, GEN-X COPS and other movies. The director and the actor cultivated a deep bond. As an investor, I am fully confident in this team -- which very naturally led to birth to RAGING FIRE.'

RAGING FIRE's actors performed outstandingly. Actress Jeana Ho Pui Yu showed no fear in the face of many hunks. Under action director Yen Chi Tan's guidance she even performed the "monkey steals peach" move and stopped all the tough guys dead on their tracks!

About this "monkey steals peach" scene, Jeana joked, "In this scene we were checking IDs at a bar and ran into an uncooperative Wise Guy. Director Chan Muk Sing and Brother Chi Tan hoped to show my brave side and conceived many stunts. From them they chose the 'dragon claw'! After 'stealing the peach' I then kicked the opponent away!" She avoided any awkwardness out of professionalism and practiced the 'dragon claw' hard on the set. She talked from her experience, "Actually 'stealing peach' isn't easy. I had to show that my hand was very strong but I also had to kick him, the higher the better. Luckily that stuntman was well trained and everyone coordinated very well. The shoot was completed very smoothly."

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