Sunday, September 19, 2021


Keung To looks cocky when he catches a sleepy Teresa Mo with her mouth open

Teresa Mo strikes back with a close up shot of a sleeping Keung To
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MIRROR member Keung To recently worked with Best Actress Teresa Mo Shun Kwan on the new film AH MA YAU JOR DAI YI GOR (MA HAS SOMEONE ELSE). Although they had quite an age gap, they had no generation gap at all. They even took photos of each other asleep. First the naughty boy Keung To on social media posted a video of Sister Mo sleeping. At the time he wrote, "Rest is very important." Soon Sister Mo struck back with a video of sleeping Keung To. "Rest truly is very important #finallymyturn #nodroolingisalreadyverygood #Notsleepingwitheyesrollingback #asleepbutstillhandsome" Keung To seemingly was not to have been scared off as he again posted another photo of Sister Mo asleep. He even looked cocky and co-star Kaki Sham was in the shot; Sister Mo returned the favorite. She not only posted a close up shot of Keung To asleep, but also "threatened" Keung To. "I have a lot of photos in my hands, this time is a small revenge. Next time when you see you would know how bad this will be." Co-star Tang Lai Ying also joined the fray and posted a photo of Keung To asleep. She wrote, "Even with a low angle shot he is still very handsome, is it fair? A gift for Sister Mo to choose from." Sister Mo reposted this post and joked, "We are too kind!"

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