Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Nancy Sit (right) earlier had tea with Yu Mo Lin

Yu Mo Lin enjoyed her squab, but coughed a little from eating too fast
courtesy of mingpao.com

The 84 year old Yu Mo Lin at the end of last year was hospitalized for pulmonary fibrosis and was diagnosed with plasma infection. She once required intubation and machine to help her breathe in the ICU. In April this year she was released from the hospital. While she was recovering, Nancy Sit Ka Yin often had video chats with her to encourage her. Earlier SCOOP aired a video of Sister Ka Yin, Anderson Junior and Yu Mo at tea. Yu Mo looked more energetic from before. No longer in a wheel chair, she used a walker to move around. Due to months of intubation, early after her release she needed to be on a liquid diet. In the video she enjoyed dim sum without any issue.

Sister Ka Yin praised Yu Mo for her strong will to live. Yu Mo said, "I want to have a few more years of fun first. I am very grateful, people said to me 9 out of 10 people went into the ICU and never came out. I have pulmonary fibrosis. Now several few months I needed to take a targeted treatment, each shot cost several thousand." During the interview Yu Mo's appetite increased as she chewed down on squab. However she ate a little too fast as she suddenly coughed a few times. She said, "Before when I watch others eat I was drooling. I didn't get to eat, I couldn't eat anything. At the hospital, food had to be cut up, water required thickener as they were afraid that I would choke." Sister Ka Yin said, "She wanted to cry from not being able to eat. Due to the pandemic, people couldn't visit her. Later she was able to slowly eat again. She has been practicing on her own, very positive about life and very optimistic." Yu Mo said that she wanted to be normal again. Earlier was like life after death for her. She was unable to speak or eat. She needed diapers. She had bed sores from being bed ridden for a long period. She thought that she was going to die.

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