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Larine Tang reveals that Chiu Sin Hang cries hard with real emotions in a bed scene

Chiu Sin Hang has intimate scenes with many in the film, including Charlotte Cheung

Larine Tang and Chiu Sin Hang develop a romance with twists and turns in the film

Director Terry Cheng hopes the audience would not focus on the bed scenes and instead examine love disorders after watching the film
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PTGF (#PTGF CHOOK JO NUI YAU)'s director Terry Cheng Fung Lan has always wanted to make a movie with controversial social subject. The appearance of PTGF in recent years has been labeled as sex workers but also sold the feeling of love, which made him want to get a more in-depth understanding. He decided to adapt the internet novel that was based on a real story as his directing debut. The story focused on Chiu Sin Hang and the Larine Tang Yueping played female student, who grew up in a broken home. Cheng Fung Lan hoped that after watching the film the audience would think about love disorder, instead of focusing on the leads' bed scene.

In the film Chiu Sin Hang's first love ended in heartbreak, the deep trauma of which made him obsessed with PTGF. He said, "In real life I too have suffered heartbreak that I didn't want to mention again, which helped with handling the complicated layers of this character's emotions." Normally when he ran into something happy or unhappy, he would properly remember the feeling at the time and use it for acting.

Tang Yueping joked that no wonder in the crying scene in bed with Chiu Sin Hang, he cried so hard that drops of tears fell into her eyes. She recalled, "It really was very gross."

Chiu Sin Hang whether performing with the band ToNick and acting held nothing back, this time from a fight scene he got a busted lip but never complained. Director Cheng Fung Lan praised Chiu Sin Hang for knowing that the film did not have the budget for a stunt double, he did not mind to personal perform the stunts. Even when injured he would have no problem with any re-shoot.

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