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Macy Ma comes to Hong Kong for her first film and is praised for her calmness and smarts.

Macy Ma viciously slaps elder Carlos Chan

Carlos Chan volunteers to play the villain in hopes of breaking out of his "warm man" frame.

Tsang Lok Tung reveals that co-star Lai Chun is often "chased by girls".

Polly Lau gets a movie role as soon as she starts in the business.  She deliberately studies acting for it.
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Emperor new comer Macy Ma Sihui immediately landed on the big screen upon coming to Hong Kong, teaming with elders Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Tsang Lok Tung on the new film FUN SAU JUEN GA (BREAK UP EXPERT) and taking aim at various film industry new comer awards. ,br>
Macy earlier worked with the FUN cast and crew at a Lai Chi Kok cafe. On her first day of work she already had to slap Ka Lok. During the worship ceremony and make up, she and other actors chatted and laughed. However she still could not hide nervousness. At the director's order she and Ka Lok took their marks. She never expected to have just a few bad takes, for a new actor her acting was not weak at all. Even Ka Lok praised her for being sharp, any stress was absolutely understandable. She was holding back for me at first, afraid that if she hit too hard my face would be red and swollen. I told her that was even worse, I would rather she just hit hard all at once. After that I got it. For a new comer her performance was rather relaxed."

Macy said, "I knew that I had this scene, of course I prepared for it a little. Elder was great, he told me not to be nervous and just slap as hard as I could. I hope to have more opportunities to learn from him in the future. For my first movie in Hong Kong I had to slap someone already, I really have to thank the company for the opportunity -- especially the colleagues who have helped me." Reportedly, upcoming new film LUI YING OI HUP (INSIDE RESPONSE OUTSIDE COORDINATION)'s director Steve Yuen Kim Wai came to the set to meet Macy and did not eliminate the possibility of working together. If so, she would continue to stay in Hong Kong for work. With opportunities following one after another, Macy conceivably would not have any difficult with becoming the "film industry rookie king".

As for Ka Lok this time he turned from the warm man to the big boss, playing the sly and devious type. He revealed that he suggested the change. "I suggested it to the boss (Albert Yeung Su Sing), and he gave me the opportunity. I may get to play the villain in another film, I hope to be like KINDRED SPIRIT's Cheng Tze Sing character -- getting yelled at just for standing on the street." In real life has he run into this type of devious and petty person? He said, "I remember when I just got my license, a friend of a friend ran a car dealership. I bought a second hand car there. Before getting the car they said all problems were fixed, but soon after it started leaking. I brought it back twice for repair. In the end he directly said to me, 'When even I said it can't be fixed, no one in the business can. Chop it!' Then my father's friend looked at it for me, then I learned that the car was never fixed at all. It was a blatant lie! I lose over 100,000 before and after, it really was a big lesson!"

Tsang Lok Tung in FUN had her first lead role, pairing with the "pale faced Louis Koo Tin Lok" Lai Chun. In the film they constantly fought and finally set of spark, truly living up to the name of "romantic rivalry". However in real life, they both were the sensible type, would not argue and hurt their relationships.

With 2 movies on her hand, Tsang Lok Tung admitted that work has been both stressful and enjoyable. In particular FUN had a changing scene that was very interesting. Lai Chun was a cosmetic brand's sales consultant and attracted a big group of followers. Even reporters heard about him and came to cover his story. Tsang Lok Tung revealed that he often "was chased by girls". He said, "I have had customers who became friends. We were in the service industry, no matter what we had to be polite. (Did the customers come to shop everyday?) I have had those examples. (Did you make a lot?) It was fine, but I wanted to try something different. So I made the switch to modeling. In March this year I signed with Emperor. (Would you like to work with Koo Tin Lok?) Of course, he is my idol!"

Another Emperor new comer Polly Lau Yeuk Bo was also in the film. She caught attention at an Emperor talent program and participated in Kearen Pang Sau Wai's performing art course. In the film she played a girl was dreamed of stardom and successfully got into the business, but in the end she went on the road to suicide. Her character had very large mood swings, which challenged her acting abilities.

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