Friday, September 24, 2021


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Chloe So Ho Yi two nights ago braved the rain and took the boat to attend the East Coast Park Precinct opening ceremony. Dressed in white and three inch heels she was somewhat awkward. She admitted that she did not expect the weather to deteriorate so suddenly. When she came ashore she was a little scared and careful with every step.

She revealed that next week she will begin work on her new film, in which she will play a tarot card reader. Because the role required it, before work began she looked for classes. A believer in this type of fortune telling, she has asked her life. However she received an upside down death card. Has she asked bout love? She said, "I didn't. If I did I would be even more worried, like having a type of invisible guidance. Although I haven't dated in over a year, I am in no hurry and let love take its natural course. In addition recently I have been preparing for work, I haven't had the time and the effort to spend on a relationship."

The new film would co-star Ron Ng Cheuk Hei but they would not have any romantic scene. "I am only fond of him and admire him. (Would you like the Ng Cheuk Hei type?) Lately I haven't thought about that, but handsome is OK, as long as he is easy on the eye."

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