Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Yvonne Yung, Andrew Lin, Paul Chun, Ellen Chan, Nick Cheung
courtesy of on.cc

Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai after a long break finally "returned to work", working on a crime action film in the Mainland.

Away from film for almost over a year, Cheung Ka Fai early this month appeared in Shenzhen to attend the new film SUN DIT JUI (NEW ORDER)'s production start worship ceremony with his new long hairstyle to announce officially his "return to work". Since he started in film he has constantly made action films, so he has always been toughed. However this time after getting the script he frowned, because he would have to handle numerous action scenes. He believed that everyday at work he would be fighting. In the film he would be on both sides of the law, beginning a struggle with the police Ethan Juan and "gang member" Darren Wang. This time he would face tremendous physical and acting challenges. Ka Fai however very much looked forward to it. He posted on social media, "I am very happy, this time I challenge a 'vicious' character."

The film would involved a major battle between good and evil. The company posted on Weibo a recruitment of special contract actors between ages 20 and 35 to participate in the shoot within days. The opportunity to share the set with the Best Actor would be truly rare, thus many amateurs have flocked to reply. Meanwhile, Ka Fai's co-stars included Danny Chan Kwok Kwan, Lawrence Ng Kai Wa, Paul Chun Pui and others. All of them spoke the same dialect and the on set atmosphere has been harmonious. Earlier when the production began Yvonne Yung Hung and Ellen Chan Nga Lun visited the set. Perhaps due to the long time off, Ka Fai was radiant and in decent shape.

In addition, NEW would be Mainland actor Marc Ma Yuke's directing debut. He and Ka Fai would work together again since THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK) 8 years ago. Back then they were colleagues and this time they became director and actor. The first time director replied to a fan's wish that the film would compete for film awards and leave them with perfect memories, "I am grateful, thank you. I would like to try, I would give it my all because of love!"

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