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In memory of the late singing star Anita Mui Yim Fong, the biographical film ANITA (MUI YIM FONG) has been slated for a November 12th release. In order to continue Sister Mui's charitable spirit, the film company on October 16th and 17th would hold ANITA charity advanced screenings. The box office proceeds from these two days would be donated completely to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

At the same time, the film would also become the 26th Busan International Film Festival closing film and make its global premiere at the film festival closing ceremony on October 15th. Director Longman Leung has quite a history with the Busan International Film Festival. The first film he directed, COLD WAR (HONG JI), was invited in 2012 to be the 17th Busan International Film Festival opening film. 9 years later, Director Leung's film would become this year's closing film.

Director Leung was grateful. "I am very honored that ANITA was selected to be this year's Busan Film Festival closing film. This film wasn't just a chronicle of an era, but also tried its best to bring back the life of this Daughter of Hong Kong of ours. Looking back at last time when COLD WAR was chosen to be the opening film, it was already 9 years ago; time flew by, I hope in the not so distant future I would be able to personally come to Busan and meet the Korean viewers; I hope even more that the Korean viewers would like ANITA."

Making her film debut as Anita Mui Yim Fong in the film, Louise Wong Dan Nei said, "I am very grateful to the Busan Film Festival for choosing ANITA to be its closing film. I am truly very excited and touched. I hope even more people would be able to learn and understand more about Anita's legendary life through this film, experience her unwavering spirit of struggle and thus spread even more positive energy. I also hope that after watching this film everyone would listen to Anita's songs and watch Anita's other movies again to remember her, so Anita would always remain in our hearts."

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