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Despite the well worn look, Aaron Kwok still stands out with his muscles

After the shoot, Sean Lau and Wilfred Lau watch the playback and take a little break

The crew burns incense and prays in the open field

The team constructs a "Little Thailand" and crashes a plane into it, which leads to yet another accident
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The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Sean Lau Ching Wan starred film THE WHITE STORM 3 (SO DUK 3) earlier constructed a "Little Thailand" set on Lau Fau Shan and began production. As the two Best Actors went at it, the villain Ching Wan became "Ting Hai" possessed as he fought Sing Sing, who was on the brink of death after he was injured. Originally Ching Wan's dominating acting should be able to suppress an injured co-star, but Sing Sing put a lot of thought into the role. He lay on the sofa and breathed like an ox.

From reader provided photos and videos, their performance was very on point. In less than half a hour they already completed a key scene. Director Herman Yau Lai To extremely quickly "accepted the take" without any bad take at all!

Perhaps the two Best Actors were too in character, outside the camera they did not have too many exchanges. Hence the set's atmosphere began a little solemn. Ching Wan often watched the playback with the director and studied the shots. After shooting each scene everyone finally was somewhat relaxed. After Sing Sing left for the next location, he smiled at the director and greeted him.

When the film shot earlier at the Ching Yi dock yard, the car stunt coordinator was crushed by a prop car and in critical condition. The team earlier while shooting at its "Little Thailand" location again had another large scale accident! Originally the scene in which the plane crashed into the village only required half of the rack to be blown up, but due to the accident the entire rack collapsed. 3 stunt people were crushed and sent to the hospital. In 9 short days two accidents have taken place with 4 people injured.

During the film production one accident took place after another, the shoot locations were also due to a variety of reasons changed again and again. Aside from accidents on the set, many incidents have occurred that made many industry insiders feel the film was "very cursed"! On the day when Sing Sing and Ching Wan went to work, the crew after dark went to an open field on he set to pray for safety and a smooth production. The film company boss Daneil Lam Siu Ming admitted the accidents but said that the situation was not too severe. Injured crew workers were OK.

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