Thursday, February 4, 2010


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AngelaBaby Yeung Wing earlier promoted her new film HOT SUMMER DAYS (CHUEN SING YIT LUEN YIT LAT LAT). Baby expressed that in the film she played a factory girl and had the most scenes with Mainland actor Jing Boran. She said that she did not use any make up in the film because she had to give people a greasy and rough impression. Did her skin have any reaction? She said, "No, but the shoot in Beijing was very pleasant. I could completely ignore news and had no idea what was happening in Hong Kong." Baby expressed that in the film she and Jing Boran had a peck, which could be considered her first on screen kiss. She said that the director added this scene in the last minute. She was not nervous during the shoot but she was worried that with all of Jing Boran's fans in the Mainland, they might kill her.

Who would she like to have a kiss scene with? Baby said her idol Takuya Kimura. Would she resist a kiss scene with rumored boyfriend William Chan Wai Ting? She laughed and said, "Do you have anyone fresher? We have been rumored for a long time, it would be best not to." Baby expressed that the most memorable for the stink bug attack and the shoot location's bathroom. "I waited until I returned to the hotel to go. Earlier I heard from Sandra Ng Kwan Yu that mobile bathrooms were available. Thus earlier when I went to Japan I immediately bought a few." Baby expressed that she has become interested in acting. Because modeling was not a lifelong career, she would like to try different things. Was she faithful in love? She said, "Very faithful." Earlier Chan Wai Ting revealed that his most memorable Christmas was with his first girlfriend who had braces. Baby said that was not her because she was not his first love. Her first love was when she was 12. Did Baby mature very early? She said, "That was a Shanghai boy, we only went out twice and held hands once."

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