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Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) yesterday attended the film IP MAN 2's film and theme song press conference. The film's director Wilson Yip Wai Shun, producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming, screen writer Wong Chi Wun also attended. The film will open on April 29 in Hong Kong. At the press conference, Cheng Ka Sing performed the theme song while Chiang Doi Yin who plays the "young Bruce Lee" in the film performed kung fu. Chi Tan pointed out that Hung Doi Lam did not win an award with IP MAN last time was regrettable. He even took a stab at the Hong Kong Film Award as he said, "I have always said that Hong Kong Film Awards has no foresight!"

Yen Chi Tan said that his performance of Ip Man this time was somewhat selfish because he gave his all. He said, "I hope after retirement, viewers still remember that I played Ip Man." As for being the best fighter in the galaxy, he joked that he has already left the galaxy a long time and returned to Earth. He said, "I have made movies for over 20 years, my entire body already has too much strain early on. However I have to grind my teeth and persist." Did he brood over not winning an award with IP MAN last year? Chi Tan said, "I said what I said not because I didn't win, I was only upset that Hung Doi Lam didn't win a New Performer award. I with IP MAN won three Mainland Best Actor awards so I am already very satisfied, but I wouldn't mind winning another one for show. The box office is the most important, I am joking of course." Was Chi Tan confident that this film will net his another Best Actor award? He expressed that if it could then he would, but it could not he still has already done his best. Wong Pak Ming said that Ip Man respected his wife, Chi Tan joked that he too was very afraid of the old lady thus he would get rich. Chi Tan's wife Cecilia Wang heard and laughed.

Hung Doi Lam just returned to Nanjing for the Lunar New Year. Did her family and friend urge her to bring her boyfriend home? He said, "No, Mama didn't urge marriage either." Did her family and friends know that her boyfriend was Aaron Kwok Fu Sing? Lynn said, "It's not like that, maybe someone has asked Mommy, but she would deflect the question for me." Lynn said that she did not want to marry early as she was worried that she could not handle both family and career. Did she feel she would only match Sing Sing as a Best Actress? She said, "I don't have such an ambition, I just want to be an actor with acting abilities." Later Lynn changed the subject and said that this year she received many laisee. Did she have hot pot casserole with Sing Sing? She said, "I went back to Nanjing for that." Has she seen Sing Sing this year? She covered her face and said, "Let me go back and think about that."

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