Thursday, February 4, 2010


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The Lunar New Year action comedy LITTLE BIG SOLDIER two nights ago held its premiere in Beijing. Director Ding Cheng and actors Jackie Chan, Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won), Yoo Seung-Jun, Lin Peng, Wang Baoqiang, New Seven Little Fortunes arrived. Big Brother's friends like Zhao Benshan and his disciple Xiao Shenyang, Jonathan Lee Chung Sing and Emil Chau Kin Wah all came in support. Lee and Chow even performed TRUE HEART HERO with Jackie Chan and Wong Lik Won.

At the premiere, Big Brother praised Wong Lik Won as excellent on numerous occasions. He said that he sang well, knew how to play almost any instrument, and was handsome. He truly was perfect. When he learned that Wong Lik Won also wanted to direct, Big Brother pretended to be mad and said, "Now he wants to steal my livelihood, oh Lik Won, perfection isn't too great." Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) also came to support his father. Special guest Tsang Bo Yi even asked him such tough problems. In his impression what kind of person is Jackie Chan? Is he a good man? Cho Ming said, "He's all right." Although Big Brother felt that this film was not suitable for the father and son to perform together in, he still hoped to have a chance to work with his son. However Cho Ming honestly said that working with his father would be more stressful because his father was very strict with him and he was more afraid of Papa. Ultimately he has only one.

Rehearsing for the Spring evening performance, Zhao Benshan and Xiao Shenyang deliberately came in support of their friend Jackie Chan. Xiao Shenyang even impersonated Big Brother's performance of the classic EXPERIENCE by request and won applause. Big Brother immediately grabbed the microphone and said, "This song isn't sung like that!" and sang a few lines. Zhao Benshan joked, "I thought why Xiao Shenyang's song was sung so poorly, actually the original was that poor!" The entire audience cracked up. Big Brother's friends Lee Chung Sing and Chau Kin Wah after completing the Super Band tour in Taipei rushed to Beijing and performed with Big Brother and Wong Lik Won the classic TRUE HEART HERO. Big Brother joked, "Originally I also planned to tour with their Super Band, I never expected them to be done so soon. We can form a new band called the Horizon!"

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