Monday, February 15, 2010


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Andy Lau Tak Wa is working on the Benny Chan Muk Sing new film SHAOLIN (SUN SIU LUM JI). He went to the Mainland at the end of last year to start production. During the Lunar New Year break, Wa Jai returned to Hong Kong to celebrate with his wife and parents. In the Mainland he and 5 Shaolin Temple little martial art monks took Lunar New Year photos to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Wa Jai was particularly close with the little monks as they practiced "Seven Star Fist" to wish everyone a lively Year of the Tiger.

Before the shoot the 5 little martial art monks were very nervous. They changed into new clothes and shoes. They even asked their elders to bring them to the barber to shave their heads for it. Wa Jai again demonstrated his calligraphy and signed Wa Shu. The children were curious who "Wa Shu" was and Wa Jai had to explain that it meant he wrote it. Later the children asked Wa Jai to add the word wish to it, but he mistook them for asking for the word pig. He joked that he thought the little monks were making fun of him. Wa Jai practiced the Seven Star Fist for two months and made a solid pose with the little monks.

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