Sunday, February 21, 2010


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Vanness Wu (Ng Kin Ho) and Sammo Hung Kam Bo's son Jimmy Hung Tin Cheung's SMASH AND GRAB FILM COMPANY had an employee who is suspected of illegal possession of marijuana and earlier was the subject of a police search. The police is even determined to begin an investigation on the collaborating artists. Yesterday Ng Kin Ho and Hung Tin Cheung returned from Japan to Taiwan to clarify this matter before a fan meeting. Ng Kin Ho even sent a special text message to the employee to cheer him on. He stressed that they would not touch drugs and are willing to cooperate with the police investigation, even urine tests for them would be fine.

Cutting a crew cut for a role, Ng Kin Ho was linked to his company employee's marijuana case. He helplessly said that after finding out in Japan already prayed for the employee. Yesterday before meeting the press he even sent a text message to cheer him on, saying "I love you, I hope you are happy." As for the police hinting that an ABC (American born Chinese) artist is also implicated, Ng Kin Ho stressed that he would not touch drugs. He said with a Bible in his hand, "I don't use drugs, if you want to test me go right away with the inspection!"

Hung Tin Cheung also made a special appearance and stressed that he was willing to forgive the employee. Only his father Hung Kam Bo after learning about the case immediately called him to ask about what happened. His father was rather upset, but still trusts him. If necessary he will also undergo (urine) tests.

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