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Gillian Chung Yun Tung in the film CHIN DOH (FORMER)'s intimate "bath scene" with William Chan Wai Ting has been revealed. Based on modern love story, CHIN DOH does not lack daring sex scenes. Ah Gil this time made the artistic sacrifice. In the photo she and William were in a tub full of bubbles, but Ah Gil's legs were around William's neck and her hands on his legs.

During the production, director Heiward Mak Hei Yan asked for realism. The actors gave their all to follow the director's directions. Ah Gil hoped that everyone would be able to experience what she gave to CHIN DOH and that aside from the Hong Kong Film Festival they would have a chance to step onto the international stage for international film scene exposure. Ah Gil has rested for a long time, which gave her the chance to stop and look at her performing art career. In the past she has worked on many films but most were commercial films. She was unfamiliar with the film world. After meeting Mak Hei Yan she was touched. She understood that commercial and art films are not extremes as long as she could find her balance. Ah Gil's goal was Maggie Cheung Man Yuk and would like the chance to become an international film festival Best Actress, as she worked hard for recognition.

CHIN DOH is "post 80" Mak Hei Yan directed. This ground breaking small budget romance has already been selected to be this year Hong Kong International Film Festival closing film. In the past two years the closing films have been the work of strong directors like Martin Scorsese and Jia Zhangke. This time though it is a new director and a small production. Director Mak Hei Yan honestly said this news to a new director was more exciting than winning the lottery.

In CHIN DOH Ah Gil and William are former lovers. After breaking up they run into each other again. William already has a girlfriend, Michelle Wai (Si Nga). Because Ah Gil is homeless they take her in under their roof. Ah Gil and William during the shoot had their share of sex scenes, which reportedly set off sparks and linked them in gossip.

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