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Koni Lui Wai Yi

Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Luisa Lai Chi San, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and Wai Chi Ho at the historic interview

Jacky Cheung, Anita Yuen Wing Yi

Angela Tong Ying Ying cut in on Timmy Hung Tin Ming and his rumored girlfriend Janet Chow Ka Wai and tried to kiss Tin Ming. Due to the height distance she only reached his neck.

Vivian Lai Shui Yun

Mani Fok Man Hei, Elaine Lok Yi Ling, Ng Yu
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Elaine Lok, Eric Tsang

Eric Tsang, Luisa Lai, Jacky Cheung, Wai Chi Ho

Samantha Ko Hoi Ning

Wong Jing, Koni Lui

Bernice Liu Bik Yi

Jacky Heung Jor
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Shaw film 72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY (72 GA JO HAT) two nights ago held its premiere. Jacky Cheung Hok Yau due to "four major record companies" royalty issue had words with TVB. Two nights ago Chi Wai resembled a mediator, first he pulled TVB anchor Luisa Maria Leitao (Lai Chi San) to interview Hok Yau, then with his connivance TVB and Cable conducted the interview together. Even Hok Yau joked that this moment of the century was like a dream!

With 179 actors in its cast, the film 72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY two nights ago had over 100 actors in attendance. Director and actor Eric Tsang Chi Wai, TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling, actors Cheung Hok Yau, Anita Yuen Wing Yi, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Wu Fung, Lai Yiu Cheung, Michael Tse Tin Wa, Jacky Heung Jor and others. Koni Lui Wai Yi, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning and Bernice Liu Bik Yi stole the show with their low cut dresses.

After the actors host the premiere ceremony, Shaw executive Wong Ka Hei fed sushi to Hok Yau. Chi Wai also fed Lui Wai Yi sushi. Chi Wai on stage expressed thanks to Hok Yau for his leadership, which enabled the film to sell even further. He joked that since Hok Yau was his good friend he was made for him to use. Then Chi Wai gave the actors a bow to express his appreciation without words. Hok Yau was asked whether TVB would interview him. He said that he did not know, but if not he would not be upset. Hok Yau honestly said that today he would accept ATV's interview and he was not afraid to run into Ms. Lok. During the interview, Chi Wai suddenly grabbed a TVB microphone and sat next to Hok Yau as he said, "I am interviewing Hok Yau on behalf of SCOOP."

After the promotion, Chi Wai grabbed TVB anchor Lai Chi San to interview Hok Yau. Chi San's questions were causal. Chi Wai jokingly grabbed the microphone and joked, "Are you asking those questions? You should ask how long has Hok Yau gone without a TVB interview." Chi Wai expressed that he was very happy that night. Hok Yau also asked him whether he would sing. Then Chi Wai and Hok Yau sang a few lines from Lunar New Year songs. Chi Wai said, "Hok Yau opened his mouth, like I said, no problem. Like I said the movie remains the movie." Was Chi Wai playing the mediator? He said, "There was no problem, what's there to mediate?"

Later, Cable anchor Wai Chi Ho came for an interview and both Chi Wai and Hok Yau conducted the interview in Cantonese. Suddenly Chi Wai grabbed Lai Chi San and they all did the interview. Both TVB and Cable microphones together was a rare sight. Hok Yau could not help but say, "Moment of the century." Everyone laughed. Chi San awkwardly laughed in the middle. Chi Wai said, "No problem, it's a film promotions, the big station can do what a big station does, the small station can do what a small one does. No big deal, how could there be so many storms." Hok Yau said, "Today I am very happy, in an united and harmonious atmosphere. It's the Lunar New Year, joy is everywhere. All Hong Kong entertainment business should flourish." Chi Wai also said, "It's a good environment, the unity and harmony in the Year of the Tiger." Unfortunately when TVB's SCOOP aired the premiere footage it did not air this "moment of the century" interview.

Chi Wai was asked whether TVB would air the entire interview. He said, "I don't know what will be cut." At this time, the Cable anchor pointed the microphone at Chi Wai. Chi Wai jokingly brushed it aside and joked, "Go away, small Station, Big Station has its style, big people have big people way of doing things." Then Hok Yau was asked whether he created a historical moment. He said that only Tsang Chi Wai was able to do so and stressed that he was very happy. Suddenly he did not feel any limits and did not know whether it was a dream. Did he feel TVB would air it? He said, "I don't know if it will, I only have a feeling of unity and harmony. I have always hoped that the differentiations don't have to be so clear. To me, after several decades this is the first time two 'mics' are together."

Chi Wai was asked whether he was afraid of TVB retaliation against the mediator. He said that he did not have much to be afraid of. Anything that pleased the audience everyone has always been fine with. He said, "You say something here and something there, then it turns into trouble. Three or four sides are all fine, only two companies have a royalty dispute. I hope everyone is happy and it will soon be resolved." Was he afraid that getting TVB and Cable together for an interview would upset TVB? He said, "I don't know, just do it first. Maybe the screen will be split? Today is a joyous day for me, it's like my wedding. I haven't directed in a long time." Earlier Hok Yau suggested one united award show with all four stations, but Metro Radio was upset that Radio Hong Kong was pretending to be in charge. Hok Yau said, "I took another take at it at home, it's my fault. Four station alliance award would be a problem. We should have a representative award with common standards." After that, Hok Yau said seven or eight times, "Actually it's my fault, it really is my fault."

TVB executive Lok Yi Ling was asked about the moment of century when TVB and Cable conducted an interview together. Ms. Lok said, "Today it's our movie, We invited Cable. I thank them very much for helping us with the promotion." Ms. Lok expressed that Hok Yau's footage will air. Will be Cable microphone insignia be censored? Ms. Lok said, "I don't know until it airs. I don't know what was shot." Will TVB events and programs not permit joint interviews in the future? Ms. Lok expressed that film was different from television, she will talk again at a television event. She also stressed that Hok Yau was the male lead. Earlier he did many interviews as everyone in the company will be.

Earlier Chi Wai was accused of copying from Raymond Wong Pak Ming's Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL TOO 2010 (FA TIN HEI SI 2010). Two nights ago Chi Wai was asked whether he invited Wong Pak Ming to the premiere. He said, "That silly guy went to Chengdu, he's afraid of me." Chi Wai pointed out that he and Wong Pak Ming already became brothers in arms at work, the competition was friendly. He joked, "I will beat him for sure, by around 3 million. The entire film I hoped to make around 26 million. I will crash his premiere later." Did Chi Wai ask TVB to interview Hok Yau? He joked, "I was thinking I would rob him too."

Heung Jor earlier was linked to rumors with Gillian Chung Yun Tung. Two nights he expressed that they were friends. He said, "My relationship with my girlfriend Race is very stable. She hasn't asked but I told her. Of course she was unhappy, a little uncomfortable at heart, but she was very understanding." Heung Jor pointed out that when Ah Gil was at work she sent emails to him. They communicated. Ah Gil sent photos and scenery but it was not like everyone imagined, maybe of actors Chapman To Man Chat and William Chan Wai Ting too. He said, "I don't want to create negative news for two women. Different magazines had different ideas about them, so I wanted to clarify in one shot, my girlfriend trusts me 100%." Heung Jor expressed that he would get a Valentine's Day gift for his girlfriend. Will he get a wedding ring? He said that he still did not know whether she would be his wife, but he hoped in the future to buy it with the money that he made.

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