Monday, February 22, 2010


Xiong Xiaoge, Wang Tianyun and Wayne Wong
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Korean star Jeon Ji-Hyun arrived in Shanghai during the Lunar New Year in preparation for the film SNOW FLOWER AND SECRET FAN production. In sunglasses and 4 inch high heels she was extremely cool at the airport. Although she was famous in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan with MY SASSY GIRL, when she arrived no one recognized her. Reportedly earlier Jeon Ji-Hyun has already completed her scenes with Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, who has already arrived to the U.S. Next Jeon Ji-Hyun will work on scenes with the other lead actress Li Bingbing.

The film earlier was involved in a lot of gossips. Yesterday SNOW director Wayne Wang, investors Wang Tianyun and Xiong Xiaoge held a Shanghai press conference. About Jeon Ji-Hyun's rumored nude and same sex scenes, director Wayne Wang expressed at the press conference, "Jeon Ji-Hyun doesn't have any nude scene, but would have bed scenes. (With a girl or a guy?) With her onscreen husband Jiang Wu. They would have a very beautiful bed scene." When asked what language would she speak in the film, Wayne Wang said, "She would speak Chinese, English and Korean. The costume scenes would be dubbed. The film's addition of a Korean would be more international, so we decided on Jeon Ji-Hyun."

In addition, earlier rumored to be replaced due to "ink splattering incident" and "donation incident", Zhang Ziyi received another explanation from Wayne Wang at the press conference. He said, "Zhang Ziyi while working on the Wong Kar Wai film THE GRAND MASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) injured her neck so she couldn't perform." He even revealed that coincidentally Li Bingbing had room in her schedule so she was approached.

As for Hugh Jackman, Wayne Wong explained that because he likes China very much he invited him to visit Shanghai and perform in the film. Hugh Jackman in the film will also have a scene in which he sings a Chinese song.

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